40hrs reflection

I felt that there was a huge amount that we could do with this project and it was difficult to think of something that I could produce which was interesting and hadn't been done before, yet still met the briefs expectations of representing 40 hours. My first idea for this project was to ask others to draw self portraits of themselves, however as a tutor pointed out, this doesn't successfully represent 40 hrs. I therefore decided to make a note of every text I had got for 40 hours ( not consecutively), and data this is. I found that this was actually very interesting as with each text you could incorporate the story that goes along side of it. I am also happy with the outcome as I feel as though it is personal to me as well.

I felt however that I also wanted to produce a visual set of images the way I interpreted the texts. I found this interesting to make, as my interpretations were very abstract to what the texts were. Therefore I found it interesting asking some of my friends if they cold see the relation between image an texts. It was also interesting asking them how they would interpret a text and how they would visually represent this. 



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