500 Word Evaluation



In the group work, I contributed most significantly to the idea generation; for example, I came up with the idea behind Sonder. I also developed the app to modify it to something that could be used practically in a real world situation. During group meetings, I think I gave a lot of constructive criticism about our ideas, and questioned whether or not it successfully answered the brief.


I lack confidence when suggesting my ideas, and this has followed me through school, college and my art foundation, as I am worried that my ideas may not be good enough. This is something that I need to overcome, as we got very positive feedback about Sonder from one of our tutors. I also lack confidence in giving my opinion when reflecting on work, as I over think whether or not I am coming across too bossy.


If I was to repeat this project, I would make sure that I make the most of the University facilities, such as the library to do extra research, or begin my own personal projects, to help me grow as a designer. This is because as a group we had quite short days, and I don’t feel like I have pushed myself as much as I know I should be at this stage.


In conclusion, this project has made me realize that Graphic design can be very broad and unconventional, something which excites me for future projects. Working with Tyler has also made me realize the amount of thought and prototyping it takes to reach a design model, which is of a high enough standard. 



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