Building blocks reflection


On our first Monday back, we played around with making our own type faces using tape. At first everyone made similar style fonts because we all made structured fonts due to the nature of the tape. It was therefore interesting trying to make something that is individual to other peoples work, and thinking outside the box. My first design was to make a rectangle and then cut out triangular shapes out of the rectangle. Paul, my tutor, then said to also see what I could make using the pieces that I cut out. I then found that I could make an interesting type face using these, by using the same shape in each of the alphabet letters. I therefore felt that the day was successful.



In this second lesson, we brought in 10 random items from home, to which we then drew and then from this developed typography from. I found this a really good way of creating type as it meant that we were coming up with products which werent necessarily the most obvious. I then developed a type from this were I only used two rectangles and a circle. I reached this point from a coin. I was very happy with the type I created. 



In this lesson we carried on developing our typography. It took a while to complete on illustrator as I am not that familiar with it, but I found it a useful exercise getting to know it. It also meant that I could amend my type and try out different designs. i could also ensure its accuracy, which was important for both my types as they are very precise. Furthermore, I was initially going to make a stencil for my tape type, and then spray painted, but it didn't look as neat as when on illustrator. 



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