Graphic Score reflection

1st day

On our first day of this brief we listened to three different styles of music. We then had to convey this into a drawing. I found this difficult at first because my hand movements was reflecting the beat of the music, instead of thinking about how I could effectively represent the music. We compared our first attempts of Piece 1 with our second attempt and it was interesting to see the contrast. For example, my first attempt had a lot of colour and contained, where as my second attempt was very scattered and scribbled. It was interesting to see how each individual interpreted the music differently.

Our next task was to make a musical instrument. This was a good exercise as it meant we were able to use the workshops, which I hadn't properly used before. We were then put into our groups of about 4, and we were to create a minute long video making music with our instruments. At first I didn't like this brief as I felt that it was unrelated to graphics however in the next few days it really enabled me to think about sounds and correlating this into drawing.



2nd Day

We listened to each sound that we recorded individually and then made a double spread with sketches of how we interpreted the sound. I found this very difficult at first to create designs, as I found it hard to convey my sketches into shapes. I therefore am not keen on the outcomes over the spreads, however I attempted to develop them and listen to the specific beats and represent this through the graphics.

I was also stuck o what to do as a final outcome as felt unconfident when it came to Gif's and animation, although didn't feel as though an illustration would be strong enough. I was shown an app called iMotion too which is a simple animation tool. I had an idea to create a Gif, which has the effect of exploding as the drawing gets bigger and more detailed.



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