hear make heard reflection

1st week

We visited the National library to which we could access thousands of sound recording over the past 100 years. i found an area were two sisters talked about one of their experience with an eating disorder,, I found this interesting and thought of an idea to re create this, however doing this with my sister instead, as we have experienced similar circumstances. I found however, that I didn't have a strong enough reason for making a zine which could reflect this. Furthermore, anorexia is a sensitive subject, to which I was worried about offending some people. I therefore researched other sound clips, and found a man looking back on the 90's, as it turned the millennium, This very basic interview got me thinking about the past year, 2015. It then made me think about what stories or events has caught my attention in particular over 2015. Something tat I feel very strongly about is the equality of woman, and hadread many articles where woman have been made a joke/ had unfair scrutiny. I therefore researched these stories and decided to make an almost calender zine of past events. 


2nd Week

In this second week, I decided to scan images onto the computer for a more rustic and DIY feeling. Although it took a while to do this process, I was happy with the final outcome, as it didnt look as neat and precise as it would have done on the computer. I then wrote a summary of the story, I found this difficult as I wasn't sure whether I should include my own opinions or not. 



Overall I was very  happy with the outcome of my zine, as the colours with the collages looked effective and I believe that the design reflected effectively the content of the book. 



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