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We went to the British library where we were introduced to the sound archives. We then explored the archives by ourself. I found this difficult as there was so many options to choose from, and a lot of the archives are interviews, as I didnt want to go obvious sounds that I felt a lot of other people would be going for. I found an interview of two sisters talking about on of their experiences of anorexia, and this gave me the idea to use my own experience of anorexia, and then re do this style interview for my zine. After much thought however, i decided that I didn't have a strong enough reason for why I would make the zine. I then found a section which was based on the millennium, and this gave me the idea to make a zine based on 2015. More directly I wanted to focus on feminism, as there have been some memorable stories in the news, and furthermore, I didn't feel as though I could write summaries on political stories unless I had a great understanding of the topics in question. 


Feminist stories of 2015


  •          Rita ora criticised for showing too much cleavage on 1 show
  •          Nigel farage said women should breast feed in a corner


  •          Magic mike XXl FILM- ‘men now more objectified than women’


Criticised for not giving job ‘full attention’ – treating motherhood as a ‘hobby’



  •          Nicola sturgeon – photoshopped head onto Miley cryus, Ed Miliband into her cleavage and more info on shoes than views


  •          Fifa adding women’s game –

 “Don’t break my balls with this bullshit,”

“Women have ruined the earth and now they are ruining Fifa.”


  •          Womens football team reaches semi-finals “our lionesses go back to being daughters, mothers and partners”


  •          Serena Williams wins Wimbledon although sexist and racist comments
  •          Article “13 little things that can make a man fall hard for you” e.g. open door naked and let him solve your petty work problems


  •          Daily mail- “not doing enough housework is making you fat”


  •          Charlotte proudman labelled ‘feminazi’ for outing sexist beh on Linked in


  •          The spectator saying feminism dead, 3 days before londons biggest feminism meet up



  •          George Osborn distracting tampon tax by giving rape victims counselling


  •          Black Friday slogan “rape us now”
  •          “know your limits”
  •          Men need a “don’t rape campaign”

Feminist magazines

I was intially going to make a zine that was very simplistic as this is the type of style that I like, however didnt feel as though this would match my topic. I therefore looked at feminist magazines that were published before this decade such as Spare Rib. I was drawn to the very DIY style it had, and furthermore the bright and bold colours that they used. It matched the bold statement feel of the magazine itself. 



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