Illustration Reflection


We had a guest teacher come in today to take our class, and our project was looking at illustration. We looked at a place which we had never been before, to which we then had to draw out several times and each time we used either an adjective, verb or character to emphasis certain parts of the image. I found this really difficult at first because I didn't really understand the task and how it could be achieved. However I soon got the idea and towards the end of the afternoon I had designed an image to which I will be printing on tomorrow.



In today's lesson we chose an image which we had made in the previous lesson, to which we were going to develop for our final idea. I decided that I really liked the idea of using loose figures, as they had a haunting feel. My first design started with larger figures towards the front and then got gradually smaller, however I felt like this took away the original ghostly feel of the image, which is something that I wanted to keep. I got this idea from crowds and people in streets. I felt like in London especially, you walk past thousands of people on the street, however for me, I don't notice them, and it is almost very isolating. I think that this is translated through the loose sketches of the figures. I then made a second design, which had the figures all one size, this would be black and white. I liked the concept of this, with each figure making the next outline for the next image, however my starting point was 'crowds', and with this design it reminded me of people being black and white in a crowd. I therefore made a third, which used the figures still however they were in clusters. This meant that it bought the image back to it being focused on people, not race. I also decided that the figures will be black and the background white, as this means that the figures are the centre of attention. Also if the background was black it would give the image a different feel.



We arrived with our cut out boards, in order to print. it was a very quick process, and only took half an hour to complete six. I was worried at first that my design was too simple, as when I saw other peoples, they looked more detailed and intricate, with more complex designs. Once mine was printed though, I felt that it was effective, however I still feel as though it needs improvement as it isn't as strong as I would like it.  



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