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Today we started our third group project, based on fashion communication. As I have never done fashion communication, I wasn't sure what to expect from the brief and furthermore what would be expected of us. I therefore found it difficult at firs to think of ideas that fit into the criteria, yet also conveying our theme of 'political speech'. We therefore spent the morning brainstorming ideas, and with a little push in the right direction came up with our concept, which we were all very happy with. We decided to focus on sexist stereotypes, as this is something that we believed we could relate too, instead of an international problem. we also decided to use film, even though no one in our group had any experience because we wanted to push ourselves.



On Tuesday we shooted our project. We asked both a boy and girl to wear very plain underwear, standing side by side of each other, while me and Connie used black poster paint and painted a list of stereotypical words, all over their body. I was very excited when we were doing this as I could vision he final outcome very clearly. After the shoot we then edited our film. We had two separate cameras, one forward and still facing and then the other from a range of angles, slightly shaking. We then recorded a girl and boy speaking the words over and over that were on the bodies. The final piece was very effective as it interrogated both angles successfully. the voices over the top are very repetitive as well which makes it almost drilling into the viewers head.



Today we showed our work that we had been working on for the past two days. I was eager to see what other groups had produced, and was surprised at the vast array of ideas. We got a great response from both tutors and peers, as they said our final outcome was clearly demonstrating our idea and political text, I also felt that our piece was strong in the way it was edited and the simplicity of it made it effective. This project has also enabled me to view fashion communication differently, as it very flexible in what can be done with it. I am looking forward to continuing experimenting with photography and film, as this is something I have little experience with.



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