image research

Brain storming ideas

We were given the theme political text to which we had to work with, and we started to brain storm political issues. This included war, education, the media and also positive actions. We decided however that we should choose something that we could relate too as three women. We therefore decided to use sexist stereotypes and how gender is portrayed in the media. We then went onto research these headlines on the internet and in newspapers and magazines. We also then wrote down words for both boys and girls, that we felt were stereotypical of each gender.


Fashion communication

Before this project I had little knowledge on fashion communication, and I originally thought it was simply just the commercial advertisement for clothes. However, we were shown a broad selection of artists who used fashion communication. I was surprised at the work, as it was very abstract, and explored many parts of fashion and subject matters, not just commercial and high fashion. It was very inspiring seeing this work, and the limitless boundaries to which could be explored!



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