Interact reflection


This was our first lesson where the diagnostic students mixed with the specialist students. We were then put into pairs to which we then picked a quote. I was paired with Meera and we had the quote "...................". This quote was originally used by the Russian federation after communism. We also got from this sentence the feeling of a new day and a new beginning. We therefore wanted to convey the idea of optimism and the feeling of a fresh start, to the public in London. We were very stuck, as found it difficult to decide a concept which interacted with the audience and remained close to the quote. We finally decided to go with one of our ideas which was about handing round free seeds, to which we will have packaged etc, as we felt this symbolised new beginnings exactly. For the rest of the session we began drawing up mini sketches and organising between us both the general layout of how we would achieve this. 



Today was our tutorial with Tim to discuss our idea and for him to give us criticism. He liked our idea as he felt that we conveyed the interaction with our quote well, and he gave us some feedback on how to improve it such as changing the area that we were going to set up. For example we were initially going to go to the Southbank, outside the Tate modern, as passers by would most likely be strolling past casually, and therefore have time to stop and take seed. However, we decided that it may be more interesting to go to a busier area such as Liverpool street where there are lots of commuters. It would be interesting to see the reaction of people in a place like this. 

We also made an action plan of what we were going to do over the next day in order to be prepared for Thursday morning. 



Meera had made the graphics for the seed packaging on Tuesday night and sent them to me on Wednesday so that I could then start to print and make the miniature envelopes. I really liked the idea of using envelopes as it was a sweet gesture, however I didn't feel as though the bright pink graphics suited the product that we were giving out. If I could repeat this  process again I would have used a brow paper instead of white, and then had simple typography and a basic layout with maybe a simple logo. Furthermore, I would have correlated this in the poster, so that there was similarity between the two. 

On Thursday, once we had our seeds ready to give out and poster ready, we went to highbury and islington to hand put our seeds. we began by standing outside of the station as it is busy in the morning with lots of passers by. We found it difficult at first to grab peoples attention as i feel that we weren't feeling very confident. However as we got more confident though we began to get a lot more peoples attention. We then decided that we wanted to walk around with the sign in different areas of Highbury, such as the bus stops. 

I felt that our project went well, because we began talking to people such as memorably an American ex-lecturer of Goldsmiths and an older man who was very familiar with Kings Cross. We were also able to capture the moment when people realised that they were free, and we got some great, natural images from this. I therefore feel that we achieved our goal of spreading optimism and happiness, even if it was only to a few people. If I had more time I would want to go on and re create this too a bigger scale. 

we then had our crit, to which we presented our quote, our idea and our work to half of our original class. We then gave feedback to each other afterwards, and we also got feedback from our teachers, I was very happy with our feedback from our tutors, because I wasn't expecting it. This is because when we looked at other peoples work I thought that there's seemed more thought out and better presented. Our teacher said however that our work was a brilliantly conveyed idea and that the seed was an excellent choice, as it perfectly symbolised a new beginning, the main concept of our quote. He also said that it interacted really well with the public (which you can see form the picture) and furthermore, and something that will be carried on even if it is thrown away. However, both tutors said that our packaging wasn't very strong and the text wasn't clear over the background, as there was too much going on. I agreed with this, and if i have more time before the assessment I plan on designing the packaging to a more suitable standard. Furthermore our tutors said that it would have been good too see some other forms of documentation. For example, videoing us interacting with the public and videoing their reactions. I will take this on board especially for future projects. 



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