Interact research

Felix Gonzalez-torres

I looked at Felix Gonzalez-torres work as research for this interactive project because of one of his particular works using sweets. I found this interesting because from an initial glance it was just a pile of sweets, however the message behind it was very clever. It was based around the idea of his dead boyfriend. He used the sweets as a way of letting go, as by each day visitors would take a sweet and then leave the wrapper, it was re-filled every day. I like this concept as it interacts with the audience and is a very simple concept however has deep emotional meaning behind it for both the artist and also brings attention back to Aids as well. 





One of the more obvious ways that Graphic designers interact with their audience is through advertising. For example on a poster or on social media, they speak to the public and invite them in through the use of design and words. 



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