Layout reflection


We began by looking at Newspaper and cutting out (leaving a shell), of what we believed the structure to be. I found this interesting as my initial reaction was to cut out individual the text boxes, however once we looked closer at the structure, it was a lot more regimented and organised. Doing this exercise was very helpful because it enabled me to look outside the box and understand how pages such as newspapers follow a rule. We then took pictures  of architecture around our campus, to which we then interpreted these as a basic grid design. I found this quite easy as I had done this type of work before. I also found it interesting looking at architecture and envisaging in a simple form.

Our next task was to come up with a 8 page booklet on something to which we could relate too or for example our journey home.



In today's lesson, we carried on with research for what we could include in our publication. I had chosen Hackney, where I live, as I felt I could document issues about the council houses in the area successfully. I researched quotes and issues so that I would have a better idea about what I was documenting, and i found it interesting researching articles and opinions from different resources such as the council and Hackneys local newspapers. 



In today's lesson, we carried on finishing our publications ( as we had been given Wednesday and Thursday to begin), and printed them off (which proved difficult). As none of us where that experienced in InDesign this took a while, but I felt that I was getting more comfortable with it during this time, and familiarising myself with the basic functions. After having done this, we looked at other peoples publications in the class, which was helpful because it meant that I could compare and reflect with my own work. We also came up with a selection of questions, and when we went round the class we wrote down our answers on a piece of paper. When I looked at my reviews I was pleasantly surprised and the positive comments, as people thought my publication was cool and well suited to my theme. However one criticism that frequently came up was that they didn't understand how the numbers were relevant. I could have made it more obvious that they were both the postcode and the year hackney was established, however I personally prefer it were it is less obvious. 



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