Made to Persuade reflection


We had two halves too this lesson, in the first bit we looked through personal statements which were both successful and unsuccessful. This was very helpful as it enabled me to make amends to my own, by using the Uni's guideline on the Do's and Dont's.

In the second half we pitched our three ideas that we had made during our own study time. It was interesting hearing other peoples, as they were quite hearted and funny. I pitched my ideas and I and I got good feedback, they liked my concept of the T-shirts. I had another idea which I preferred to this, which was a daily prioritise, however someone pointed out that they would always put their family first in every situation, and I saw that this could be interpreted in not the way I intended. 

At the end of this lesson I was feeling positive that I had an idea that I could work with, however still unsure on what I was to put on the actual T-shirt itself and therefore the packaging as well.



In this time we carried on developing ideas and started packaging. Those that wanted to use the print workshops in this time were also able too. I found this week very frustrating as I kept changing my mind on what I was going to do, and therefore felt as though I was getting nowhere in my development of work.



This was our last chance to sort out what we were doing for tomorrow. I entered the lesson thinking that I was going to make a label mimicking the fluff marsh mellow sticker, however I was given advice to simplify the packaging as this would be more effective. I decided to then make a simple label, which would be double sided and represented the male and female prices. This was effective as it is simple and easy to read. I then added a slip of information into the jar for background information. I was unconfident though as I felt that my product looked too simple and like I hadn't put enough effort in. I received feedback from peers though and they said that it looked effective and suited the purpose behind the T-shirt.



This was our day of selling. I was happy with my product by this point, and felt that although my design was very simple, that they looked effective, especially when placed next too each other. I managed to sell my 10 t-shirts, which I was happy about although I wasn't expecting too.

I was happier with the feedback I got from people enquiring about my concept than what I sold, this is because lots of people said what I have done is a very interesting and an issue that they feel strongly about.

However, I do feel as though my product should of had either posters on the side of the box of the name of my product so that it gave a better indication on what my piece was about.

At the end when I was able to have a look at other peoples work, I felt that people who had good quality products and professional looking posters and packaging were the ones that stood out, and I was drawn too.



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