typography reflection


Today was my first ever day of doing typography. we started by cutting out different forms of letters and then looking at what every one else had done as well. I find this helpful as its inspiring to see what other people have created and you can then use it on your own work. We then created a word from typography to which we then had to photograph as well. I liked my word as I also used coloured card, which lifted the piece, however my setting for my word didn't match, and therefore I felt it let the final piece down. My photography skills is something that I am hoping to work on during my time at CSM.



During the week we had made stencils for a poster that we were to screen print. we did this by taking a letter from our work on Monday and then adapting it, into two layers for a red and a black fill. We then printed on Friday, which I found easy as I had done screen printing at secondary school and college. I was happy with the way my design turned out however it could have been neater so that I didn't have any white edges. typography is something that I definitely want to return too, as I enjoyed adapting my ideas and exploring different ways of presenting letters.



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